PVC Card Printing
PVC Card Printing
PVC Card Printing



COLORZ provides customization for your card requirements. Tell us all your needs, we will meet and exceed your expectations.

At COLORZ, we make your card printing experience easy and fun. Your convenience is also greatly supported with these printers.

1) Plastic PVC card standard size (85mm x 54mm x 0.76mm) include the following:

  1. Membership cards
  2. ID cards
  3. Business cards
  4. Luggage tags
  5. Smart cards (with chip embedded) – Access cards (Read function only), Mifare cards (Read & Write function), Contact Chip cards.
  6. Sticker cards

2) You can customise your PVC Card Printing design with almost any the following specifications:

  1. Finishing
    1. Glossy
    2. Metallic
    3. Matte
    4. Matte Frosted
    5. Transparent
  2. Magnetic Strip & Encoding
  3. Embossing of name and / or number in Silver, Gold, White or Black Tipping
  4. Print Barcode & Running Serial Number
  5. Print QR Code
  6. Thermal print Running Serial Number in Black, White, Gold, Silver or in any color
  7. DOD print Running Serial number
  8. Hot stamp Logo in Gold, Silver or Rainbow color
  9. Spot Varnish Logo
  10. Silkscreen print logo
  11. Signature / Writing panels
  12. Scratch panel
  13. Print Hologram

3) We also do Non-Standard size cards. Non-Standard Thickness available is 0.5mm or 0.3mm.


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